Hoodies are a big statement of the young in terms of freestyle, unique design, and maximum comforts. Both women and men can rock hoodies. While men hoodies are basic yet classic with clean cuts and regular fit forms, women hoodies add some twists such as flared hems, Kangaroo pockets, and long drawstrings. Elysia provides a lot of options with different designs, patterns, colors, and materials. Whether you want a basic or informal, masculine or feminine, bold or fashion style, we have it all.

Our category of hoodies can be divided into two main types: pullover hoodies and zip-up hoodies. The pullover hoodies are the type and most basic hoodies which consist of the main body of a shirt and the attachment of a hood. The only difference between the basic and the zip-up ones is the full zipper closure on the front. 

Regarding the sleeve length, Elysia provides three main types: long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless. Therefore, you can choose a suitable hoodie depending on the season and weather. The material used for hoodies also varies accordingly, for example, cotton, French terry, fleece, the combination of cotton and polyester, and the mixture of polyester and spandex. Each fabric has specific features to meet your requirements such as super soft, moisture wicking, uneasy to deform, stretch-repellent or comfy.

Elysia Garment ® is highly praised and recognized as a professional Vietnamese clothing manufacturer by worldwide brands from Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea. With high dedication and responsibility in producing quality clothing, Elysia Garment ® is proud to partner with famous brands, some of which are GAP, Zara, Aeon, Royal Robbins, Massimo Dutti, and Espirit. To discuss business inquiries, please contact sale1@elysiavn.com or phone number +84 943 857 036 (Viber available). We look forward to new opportunities and cooperation with you!

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