Ever since the invention of leggings, women seem to not able to live without them. They are so common that all women own at least one pair of leggings in their closets. Thanks to the design of tight fit, leggings are a wonderful way to contour and show off women curves. Therefore, it’s not extravagant to state that the leggings work like magic for all body types. For example, you should wear bright and patterned leggings if you want your legs to appear a bit bigger. In contrast, to create an illustration of thinner legs, you should wear dark leggings with solid colors. 


Coming to Elysia, you will be charmed by various leggings types: fitness leggings, warm leggings, sweat leggings, lace-up leggings, leggings with mesh fabric, and leggings with pockets. Depending on the purpose, each legging type has different materials, designs, and styles. For example, sports leggings focus on fabric quality to ensure the effectiveness, so most leggings are made with 4-way-stretch and double knit fabric. Therefore, these 4-way-stretch leggings can endure high stretch when working out, doing yoga and playing any sports. The material is also durable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about the sweat produced when working out. Fashion leggings are also made with such material to ensure quality, but they include some interesting features. For example, there are high-waist leggings, leggings that have lace for decoration, and leggings that integrate with mesh fabric to make it more breathable.


Elysia Garment ® is highly praised and recognized as a professional Vietnamese clothing manufacturer by worldwide brands from Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea. With high dedication and responsibility in producing quality clothing, Elysia Garment ® is proud to partner with famous brands, some of which are GAP, Zara, Aeon, Royal Robbins, Massimo Dutti, and Espirit. To discuss business inquiries, please contact sale1@elysiavn.com or phone number +84 943 857 036 (Viber available). We look forward to new opportunities and cooperation with you!

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