Polo shirts are so commonly worn all over the world for both men and women. With its basic yet classic form and the signature button placket of three buttons next to the polo collar. When combining such classic polo design and common colors such as black or dark blue, you will get an elegant polo shirt that is suitable for office, work, and meeting. It isn’t surprising to see polo shirts at workplaces because they are not just stylish but also convenient and comfy to wear all day. 

The design of polo shirts for men and women shows some major differences. For example, polo shirts for women are slim-fit while polo shirts for men are often regular fit or quite loose. Besides, the side of the button placket of women’s polo shirts is also different from that men’s shirts. However, the one common thing is the material, in which all polo shirts are mostly made of cotton,% polyester, and conductive fiber. 

Elysia offers various polo shirts, including long sleeve polo shirts, short sleeve polo shirts, cotton polo shirts, striped polo shirts, and polo sweatshirts. You can even find EPA (Electrostatic Protected Areas) polo shirts that can reduce electrostatic discharge when working. Some polo shirts design are decorated with luminous color and bright color on the collar and shoulders to increase visibility.

Elysia Garment ® is highly praised and recognized as a professional Vietnamese clothing manufacturer by worldwide brands from Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea. With high dedication and responsibility in producing quality clothing, Elysia Garment ® is proud to partner with famous brands, some of which are GAP, Zara, Aeon, Royal Robbins, Massimo Dutti, and Espirit. To discuss business inquiries, please contact sale1@elysiavn.com or phone number +84 943 857 036 (Viber available). We look forward to new opportunities and cooperation with you!

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