Shorts are the best buddies for men to wear in hot weather. Throughout the summer, shorts are the items that constantly show up in all outfit. Elysia provides a wide range of shorts with various styles, lengths, fabrics, and designs. This collection includes dressy shorts, summer shorts, long shorts, high waisted shorts, drop-crotch shorts, knee shorts, tan shorts, and patterned shorts. 

Nothing beats the comfy and airy feeling of wearing a pair of shorts, but surely you have to take the risk of getting tanned. However, since the pros of shorts outreach the cons, we bet that shorts are still your favorite to have. 

To ensure the highest level of comfort, Elysia team designs the shorts with an optimized sized, not too slim fit yet not too baggy. However, some shorts may add a bit of twist, for example, some shorts have a drop-crotch form while some shorts are a bit fitter. Some shorts may be in knee-length while some shorts are above that length. If you want simple and basic shorts, you can just stick to the shorts with plain colors. But if you are packing for your next travel destination such as going to the beach, we highly recommend choosing patterned shorts. They will definitely help you to stand out when taking group photos.

The material often chosen for shorts are poly spandex, cotton, polyester, and tri-blend rib. All of these are great for creating perfect shorts for you.

Elysia Garment ® is highly praised and recognized as a professional Vietnamese clothing manufacturer by worldwide brands from Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea. With high dedication and responsibility in producing quality clothing, Elysia Garment ® is proud to partner with famous brands, some of which are GAP, Zara, Aeon, Royal Robbins, Massimo Dutti, and Espirit. To discuss business inquiries, please contact or phone number +84 943 857 036 (Viber available). We look forward to new opportunities and cooperation with you!

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