Different from tracksuits, sweatsuits are the perfect combination of sweatshirts and sweatpants. If you want a complete look of matching shirt and pants, the sweatsuits are meant for you. They save you time and money, so you don’t have to waste time selecting a sweatshirt and a suitable pair of sweatpants. Besides, it can save you a lot when buying in such sweatsuit then purchasing shirts and pants separately. 

Elysia offers a wide variety of tracksuits types for men, including sauna sweatsuit, workout sweatsuit, two-piece sweatsuit, jogging suits, puma sweatsuit, and so on. Made of polyester material (100% polyester or polyester blend), sweatsuits are moisture-wicking and super fast drying. Thus, they are extremely suitable for outdoor activities, playing sports, working out at gyms, running, and jogging. 

The design choices for sweatsuit are various, consisting of both solid colors (dark, bright colors) and pattern fabrics (striped, decorated fabric on shoulders and collar). Some sweatsuits only have basic sweatshirts in the basic round collar, while some sweatsuits feature sweatshirt with the stand-up collar and the full front zipper closure. You will absolutely be in love with how convenient the sweatsuits are with zipper pockets for all sweatpants. These pants only come with adjustable drawstring waists and ribbed cuffs or stretchy cuffs. 

If you love wearing simple, just stick to the solid color sweatsuit. However, if you want something more stylish, you can choose sweatsuits with letter prints, graphic, and mesh paneling.

Elysia Garment ® is highly praised and recognized as a professional Vietnamese clothing manufacturer by worldwide brands from Europe, USA, Japan, and Korea. With high dedication and responsibility in producing quality clothing, Elysia Garment ® is proud to partner with famous brands, some of which are GAP, Zara, Aeon, Royal Robbins, Massimo Dutti, and Espirit. To discuss business inquiries, please contact sale1@elysiavn.com or phone number +84 943 857 036 (Viber available). We look forward to new opportunities and cooperation with you!


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