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How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer For Your Business

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer for Your Business

If you intend to start your own clothing business with custom products or are wondering how to get your clothing designs made, finding a clothing manufacturer to turn your designs into products is what you need to think of carefully. Playing the main role before getting the final products to end-users, this process is not easy and might take you a lot of efforts and time. To alleviate as many hassles as possible, we write this article about clothing manufacturers and hope you can find something valuable for yourself from it.

Consider Whether You Really Need A Clothing Manufacturer

Before stepping into a partnership with a custom clothes maker, you need to ask yourself first: “do I really need to find a manufacturer to make my clothes?”. This is not a redundant question because working with a clothing producer can be risky, both in terms of finances and time. Your partners are usually bulk clothing suppliers, in other words, you have to place orders for your inventory in bulk. This means you’ll receive a large number of products that you have to store and manage yourself, which might put you into troubles especially if your business is operating on a tight budget. 

However, more risk comes with more return. If you can overcome those hard times, you can enjoy greater profits afterward. Finding custom clothing manufacturers for your business and producing your own inventory are great ways to run your business. If you’ve made up your mind to do so, don’t hesitate to move to the next step.

Find Out Which Type of Clothing Manufacturers That You Want 

When searching for a clothing supplier, you need to ask yourself whether you want to work with domestic manufacturers in the country you live, or you can source your products from overseas clothing manufacturers.

Domestic Clothing Manufacturer

Nowadays, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the materials used to make products and the standards of workers who create them. In this case, the product quality can be firmly guaranteed by domestic clothing manufacturers with more regulated labor standards. Higher quality comes at a higher price. Hence, it will be more costly to source your products from domestic clothing suppliers. In addition, your product choice is more limited when compared to those from overseas. However, if you’re looking to manufacture generic products, this might not matter at all.

On the other hand, partnering with domestic clothing manufacturers can bring you a lot of benefits. Working with local industries can really help you strengthen your brand image with customers. Besides, you will benefit from the shipping time as it is significantly quicker to work with local manufacturers than those from overseas. The shipping fee is also typically cheaper than it is when you work with overseas vendors.  

Overseas Clothing Manufacturer

There are plenty of overseas clothing manufacturers that can help you create products for your brand. It often doesn’t cost as much as working with a domestic manufacturer, sometimes even half the price. A local supplier can guarantee higher product quality while the quality of products from overseas clothing manufacturers might not be similar. This is the factor you should always be aware of, as well as the unregulated labor standards that might exist in those suppliers. Overseas clothing manufacturers are usually from populous countries with increasing labor force such as China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and many other Asian countries.

Use Searching Channels to Find Clothing Manufacturers

There are several ways that you can apply when looking for clothing manufacturers. The list below suggests some typical and popular searching channels that are helpful for you. By doing this, you can also figure out if they specialize in producing your products, whether they are cheap clothing manufacturers or see whom they have cooperated with. Remember that the important thing is whichever ways you choose to take, only by doing thorough research into suppliers can you find out which one suits you most. 

Industry Events

Use Searching Channels to Find Clothing Manufacturers - Industry Events
Attending a brand clothing trade fair is a great way to look for manufacturers

Attending industry events can be super helpful for you in your search for a clothing manufacturer. Local events and larger scale trade shows are great opportunities where you can meet many people with connections to clothing manufacturers.  

Search Engines

Obviously, search engines like Google are fantastic tools to find a clothing manufacturer. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t update their websites regularly, so you’ll probably need to browse through a few pages before getting any relevant results.

Social Media Groups and Forums

It’s advisable that you do some research on social media as well. There is already plenty of information out there shared by thousands of people that you can stumble on easily. Besides, you can check out forums that talk about clothing suppliers and vendors, you might find the ones you need.

Online Directories

Online directories are also amazingly powerful tools that offer you a wealth of clothing manufacturers for your business. A well-known online directory is Yellowpages, in which you can find over 8000 legitimate low-cost suppliers. And if you’re looking for an overseas clothing manufacturer, Kompass is a perfect option for you. Once you’ve found a clothing manufacturer, you can contact them directly and give them an explanation of what you are looking for.

Visit Clothing Manufacturers in Person

After finishing all the above things to find the clothing manufacturers you want to work with, you’re going to this essential step: pay them a visit. It is common for designers to inspect the factories they’ll be working with.

Visit Clothing Manufacturers in Person
Face-to-face negotiation is a vital step

By this way, you can impress the partner with by showing your enthusiasm and experience in future cooperation. Simultaneously you can understand the producing process. During the appointment, please make sure to discuss prices, schedules, and minimum order quantity. You should have an understanding of how much you want to pay and how much they would like to charge, and this is the perfect time to negotiate. 

Custom Clothing Manufacturers

Wholesale custom clothing manufacturers can be the way to go if you are looking to start either a small or large clothing business. Wholesale is a great business model if you have space to store products. By this way, you can purchase large quantities of stock at a lower price and enjoy the price gap when selling to end-buyers. If you intend to find a reliable wholesale custom clothing manufacturer, Elysia is highly recommended among the South East Asia region. They are experienced, professional and are spreading their good reputation for producing quality and highly customized clothes.

Otherwise, you can also consider dropshipping, which no storage is needed. After sourcing clothing from a manufacturer you don’t need to order anything but just simply offer the products to customers to buy, usually via online channel. Once an item is purchased, you only need to place an order with the manufacturer or supplier. They will then take care of everything from production to delivery to the customer in an acceptable period of time.

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